We are currently developing Gates of Hell, a WWII RTS game built on an evolution of the GEM2 engine.
Gates of hell will be a sensationally realistic and immersive war game.

It will stand out as a ground- breaking in the WW2 RTT/ RTS genre, because of its realism, its completely new look & feel and its new engine.

All of our assets, maps and missions will be as historically correct as possible. This means we base content on real events, locations and war machinery.
Being a hybrid between pure RTS, top-down individual shooter and third person micro management game, the player has endless possibilities to control units.

Gameplay will be easy to master, so you can become skilled quickly and build your reputation in the community.
If you have some knowledge of history and military operations on top of your skill, you may even have an edge over your opponents! That's how realistic Gates of Hell will be.

All of the factions will have their own historical singleplayer campaigns. There will be plenty of multiplayer content and maps as well.

For more information and regular updates you can visit our community page on Steam.

Release Date: 

To Be Announced


Windows, Mac, Linux


Real-time Tactical-Strategy


BestWay Soft