Can you name the town?

Today, we want to do 3 things: a little quiz, put out an invitation and an announcement.

Let’s start with the invitation.
You possibly know that we are working hard to give you an all- original new game and this means new voices, too. We are currently looking for native Russian speakers who would like a mention in the credits to the game. Are you the one? Check out the vacancy today!

Second thing is an announcement about the beta.
We received hundreds of applications, thank you guys! We are currently working to make the selection, and we will inform all applicants in the next month. This means beta subscription is closed as of 30-nov-2018.

Now on to the little quiz!
Here is a screenshot from a mission we are building. Next week we will publish a development update on this subject, which will tell you the whole story. It’s another one of those true stories that we model missions to.
Here’s the question; the screenie below shows the 316th rifle division in action. You see it’s snowing. To the right there’s a railway line. Can you name the town where they earned their fame?

Pick your answer in the form below and submit it to us. The winner will get a mention in dispatches!

Thanks everyone, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Steam.

[[ we closed the quiz. Thanks for your interest! ]]