We are on the home stretch

We have been working on our 80th development update, which will be published on april 19th. Now that we have come to this point, it seems like we have already described everything you will get in the EA package. The only things we will have left to update you on is a number of missions that will also be part of EA.

Besides this, the call for in- game footage has been getting louder so we are working on that as well. We are sure you will love it! Last but not least, we are about to totally rework our steam store page because we think that years of development have made the current store page outdated.

Because we are now also working on the transition to a new engine - after completion of which we can start beta testing - we are simply filled to capacity with development tasks. For this reason we will be publishing an update every 4 weeks in the future.

So, we are on the home stretch development- wise and we need to manage our time very strictly. We think this will enable us to keep our schedule and we are still very confident that EA will happen this year. Follow us on social media & Steam to make sure you don't miss anything we want to show you in the last part of your long wait!