Development update #70

We have been really busy, and for a good reason. With summer vacations coming up we definitely wanted to finish some of the bigger chunks of work. That chunk was to build and to “decorate” a website dedicated to Gates of Hell. So here it is!

This site will be the focal point of some of the big steps we are about to take. One of those is that moment where we open subscription for beta testing. This site wil be the platform that supports the tests and the testers, so make sure you check in on a regular basis and you will know everything you want to know about what’s to come.

Ever since we started writing about our development, we have used the steam community platform to publish about what we are up to. We will keep that platform, not in the least because that is where the largest part of the gaming world finds it’s information and community hub. However, you can also find us on Facebook and VK.

But now, on to the development update. Are you up for it? You can find it on Steam. Enjoy!




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