Voice Actor

Are you a native German/Russian speaker? We're on the lookout for voice actors  for our WWII game, that can make  native battle cries for German and Soviet forces. A metric ton of fun and decibels awaits you!

Please attach a random sample of voice on your application.

3d Artist / Animator

Your job as a 3d artist is to produce a set of 3d models that will be used in our projects.

We will help you if you wish to split your work and receive assistance in texturing or animating - There is place for amateur and professional 3d artists of all shapes and forms.

You must have knowledge of 3d modelling programmes like Blender or 3dsmax and uvw mapping capability, plus expertise in texturing, unless you are considering teamwork for this matter. We also accept animators but they must be 3dsmax-based.

Are you interested?