May 9th, 1945: Hell is over

There has always been some discussion about the date on which the war ended in Europe.

The unconditional surrender of Germany was to be effective from 23:01 on may 8th, but was only signed at 00:16 local time in Berlin, effecively on the 9th. Long before that, a flag had already been raised over Berlin by the red army, but even that came close to sparking controversy as the guy who supported the flag bearer had a watch on both of his wrists, suggesting he might have looted it. It was carefully removed from the photo the Russian newspapers printed (the one below is the original).

Many stories surround the capitulation, but one thing is certain; on may 9th at the latest it was all over for anyone involved in Europe.
On that day, anyone who had survived this hell could consider themselves very lucky. Today, it's pretty hard to imagine what life had been like for five and a half years. All the hunger, hardship, fear, fighting, toiling and sweating - 5 years in hell! Even then, war was not quite over of course, another 3 months of Pacific war still to fare.
Even if you see the second world war statistics, it's hard to imagine what it must have been like if you weren't there to witness it all.
We at Barbedwire studios are very glad we weren't actually in the war.
Maybe that's because we are heavily involved in researching this war, finding out about its cruelty while trying to find the best and most convincing way to make a video game realistic. To be honest, that is hard to accomplish.
However, we feel that we owe the victims and the veterans something, and that means we will do our best to tell the story as truthfully and as realistically as we possibly can.

We wish you an excellent day in the freedom that was fought for so hard by so many.