Time flies when you’re having fun

Has it really been six months already? To us, it's like 2019 has only just begun!
When you put your head down to focus on development, chances are that you lose track of time a little bit. So, to remind ourselves about how much content we've already created - and the amount of internal discussion we've had about it - we put together this recap of our year in screenshots.

In the meantime, work continues and the beta is getting closer and closer as we described in our latest devupdate. We got so many positive reactions to our update that we feel energized and ready for the next step. Will we even need a recap in another 6 months? We don't think so, because a recap will not be needed once we have Early Access.

As for the screenshot recap; we could have used 3 times more screenies, but we selected the best ones for you. HERE it is; enjoy!