What’s in a name?

Sometimes, life throws you a surprise. Something positive came our way this week, awesome!
We were put on a list of eagerly anticipated wargames, and even though the reviewer had trouble identifying us as the makers, it still felt good.

For some reason, wargamer.com thinks we are called Best Way Soft. What's the source of confusion? If you abbreviate the name to BWS maybe? We at BarbedWire Studios do not mind too much when people don't know the difference. What matters is that our game, according to Wargamer's Ian Boudreau is "a major leap forward"!

So let's stick to the old showbusiness saying that "it doesn't matter what they write about you, as long as they get your name right". In this case, they got the game's name spot on. The other thing they are absolutely right about is the fact that Gates of Hell will be in a genre of its own, by being more realistic and historically correct than anything GEM related that came before it.

So let's give Ian Boudreau and Wargamer.com a big hand and let's forget about the name they didn't know about. Curious? Check the article HERE.